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The Golf Market: Facts & Figures


  • THe world market for golf club sales is £1.5 billion.

  • The UK market is £100 million.

  • The largest market in the world is the US. The second largest is Japan. The third largest is the UK.

  • Callaway Golf has the largest share of te UK market in woods (15%). Wilson and Ping have joint largest share of the UK market in irons (12%). Ping has the largest share of the UK market in putters (28%).

  • 4 million people play golf in the UK. 2 million of those are members of private golf clubs and of these 80% are men and 20% women.

  • There are 15,000 golf couse around the world that cover an area more than one third the size of Belgium.

These facts are courtesy of Alistair Cochran (Golf the Scientific Way), Steve Haake (University of Sheffield) and Steve Mather (University of Nottingham).


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